You Want to Cut What ?
It’s no secret that when the economy goes south, the first cuts companies often make are from marketing. That could mean “bye-bye search budget” if you don’t take steps now to protect it.

Five Tips for Using Your iPad on Sales Calls.
These days, B2B sales teams are carrying their product demos, order forms, cool presentations—you name it—with them in handy tablet form. And the tablet of choice is often the iPad.

SEO for small business websites: If you have a small website with a few pages that are not regularly updated, and do not have resources to create a lot of quality content, you should make your site search-engine friendly and target smaller niches. You will receive less traffic, but the traffic will be relevant within a small budget.

Sometimes you need to say Oops! No email marketer will escape making the occasional error. How you handle it, though, can make all the difference between disaster and redemption.